Integrative Medicine

My goal is to create a healing space for my patients. I work with people on an ongoing basis-with a minimum of six months. Healing takes time, and an occasional visit or check in does not cut it to reverse long-term health problems. I am here to help and support you on every step of your health journey. Using specialized medicine lab testing, we will get to the root cause of your health problems. The lab tests I most often recommend are food sensitivity, nutrient, hair mineral, and microbiome testing. Together, we will make a plan to get your body back into balance. This can include dietary and lifestyle changes, acupuncture, herbs, short-term supplementation, and referrals for other modalities. I also may recommend prescription medications or seeing a physician specialist. Science and modern medicine are not the enemies here-I just don't think they are the only option. I believe the combination of modern medicine with more natural practices is the best approach to health. 

This can be done virtually for patients in Colorado or Michigan. 


My medical training was in Osteopathic Medicine, making me a DO. As part of this, I learned Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT). These are hands on techniques that include stretching, gentle pressure, and resistance. It can be compared to some of the techniques that chiropractors learn. My preference is for the gentler soft tissue techniques, as I find that they work the best. I have also been trained in dry needling and acupuncture as part of a physician acupuncture course. 

I combine these different techniques in whatever way your body needs to treat physical pain-whether that is neck, back, or extremity. 

ASP Ear Acupuncture

This is one service I'm excited to offer, as I've found it to be personally very effective. ASP needles are small 24K gold studs that are inserted into your ear. They last 1-3 weeks and fall off on their own.

The entire body is represented on the ear according to Chinese Medicine, so any condition can be treated using this. I have found it works exceptionally well for pain-whether it is acute or chronic. I once treated my own broken rib with these and didn't require any prescription or over the counter pain medications! These can be done in a quick 15 minute appointment, so it is perfect if you need a pick-me-up but are short on time. 

Sports Injury Pain Relief

Struggling with pain and swelling after an injury? I can relate, which is why I decided to start offering this service. It includes ASP ear acupuncture (my secret weapon for pain control), body acupuncture, and recommendations for herbal and natural treatments for healing and pain for your specific injury. 

Great for minor injuries where you are able to get back to sports quickly, or major injuries-broken bones, pre or post op, and to complement physical therapy. Living in Colorado, the main goal for most people is to return to their sports as soon as possible. This will help aid your body's natural healing ability-decreasing pain and increasing function. 

*This is not a sports medicine evaluation. I will not be diagnosing or evaluating your injury.


I am a certified meditation teacher in the REST technique by Jill Wener MD. This technique is based on Vedic Meditation, for which she is a certified teacher. I can teach in private sessions, small groups, or even large groups. Please email valerie@drvalerielecomte.com for availability and any questions.