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McKenna K.

Dr. LeComte honestly changed my life! I had struggled with chronic migraines since childhood, with multiple doctors running routine bloodwork and turning me away when things came back "normal". Val's approach was different from anything I had experienced before, and addressed my health from all angles. After much more comprehensive testing, we reviewed and remedied all areas of my life where things were out of balance. Not only did my migraines go away, my diet, mental health and overall wellbeing vastly improved. I learned so much about myself and holistic wellness, and truly feel like a new person. I am excited to continue working with Val, and would recommend her services to anyone!

Jean U.

Thank you again Dr. Valerie for our visit yesterday. My time with you and my questions were answered well by you. I feel more confident after talking with you about some of the issues with my health. Your expertise in this have given me tools to walk in better health for myself. 

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